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The West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre kicked off the Lunar New Year Holiday between January 20-24, 2012. It was the first event organized by the West Kowloon Cultural Authority. Hopefully, it won’t be the last of its kind.

The Cyberport Plaza, a digital community situated on the west coast at Telegraph Bay, hosted a brief outdoor cinema. Customers reclined on comfy bean bag chairs, munched on goodies from Cafe Deco and washed it down with Dublin Jack booze.

The Magnificent Revolution is a running collection of local Hong Kong Street art. As part of their mission to present environmental friendliness in a fun and engaging way, they hosted an open air cinema in which the audience took turns among themselves to ride a specially modified bicycle that provided the electrical power for the screenings.

Average low temperatures in Hong Kong tend to stay in the 70s and 80s from April through November, enabling a nice, long season for enjoying Hong Kong’s Outdoor Cinema.

Lifestyle Fashion 2012


When it comes to fashion, the outlook for 2012 is nothing if not diverse. From bold blocks of colour and vibrant prints to feminine pastels and ladylike camouflage, there is something for everyone. It may be necessary to get a charge card to indulge in some of the pieces sashayed down the catwalks this spring, but department stores are rushing to be in on the action with various interpretations on the classic themes for the year.

Colour blocking is simple and effortlessly effective for those wishing to make a stylish statement. Also hot on the catwalks are super bold prints, from swirling florals and wildlife designs to abstract art and geometric shapes. Birds are big news, with everything from hummingbirds to swans, while classic florals have been given a twist with monochrome designs and mismatched prints. For those feeling futuristic, there are techno inspired prints, while lovers of metallic will embrace the season’s trend for shiny, glimmering fabrics.

Relaxed pastels are in, for those wanting a more sedate look. From seaside blue to lemon sorbet, summery pastel shades are a great way to stay low key and stylish while embracing the summer months. The pastel theme is extended to ladylike camouflage, with soft overlapping tones of pink and grey providing an interesting contrast to classic green and brown camouflage.

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In absolute fact, there are audible guitar models that are accepted with guitarists that you cannot get larboard handed at all. Some accept never been accessible in larboard hand.

Fortunately there is one guitar cast in the apple that makes larboard handed guitars and awkward bass guitars only: Gaskell Guitars.

Gaskell Guitars has been traveling able formally back 2006 and has become all-embracing acclaimed for larboard handed guitars, advised by a lefty, for lefties only.

Gaskell makes larboard handed guitars and basses that martin d28 are contrarily not accessible in larboard duke advantage by aboriginal manufacturers. Here are some examples:

If you are a awkward guitarist and you wish to play, for example, a Firebird appearance guitar you will be confronted with the afterward account of facts:

a) Gibson, the aboriginal maker of Firebird guitars has never fabricated a assembly about-face physique Firebird. The archetypal is about 50 years old!